February 24, 2011

UNC Charlotte Alum Reports from Spain

Spring semester. Some of you are anticipating your graduation and foray into the next step of your life. It's likely that when spring fever hits, those who are not experiencing senioritis will still have a strong urge to do something other than school - at least for a little while. A former UNC Charlotte student took advantage of his academic schedule to study in Spain, pursued an internship in Mexico during a summer and is now living and working in Spain for a while.

A former guest blogger for NI, Ron has now launched his own blog with snippets and commentary on daily life in Spain and his experiences living and working abroad. So, after you flip through a few NI posts, check out Sin Salsa Blanca for videos, pictures and glimpses of what could be your next great adventure.

For information on how to study abroad during your academic year or during the summer, visit the Office of Education Abroad website for more information.

February 22, 2011

Student One-Act Play Festival- Rowing to America: The Immigrant Project

The UNC Charlotte Theatre Department is presenting a series of one-act plays later this week which explore the experience of immigration, emigration and migration. This collaboration with Crossroads Charlotte is part of an ongoing effort to build social capital in the Charlotte community. Dr. Susan Harden explains that social capital is “the strength of our social networks with each other, how much we trust each other, and how much we do for each other in terms of reciprocal relationships.”
Following the Friday evening performance, there will be a panel/discussion which is a great opportunity for anyone attending to ask questions and offer comments on their own experiences.

Performance details and contact:
Thu- Sat Feb 24-26
Robinson Hall Lab Theater
$5 general admission

February 4, 2011

Egypt Analysis

In light of recent events, NI has compiled a list of a couple of resources and articles that may be helpful for anyone interested in understanding the current situation in Egypt. If you know of other resources that have been useful in understanding deeper the various dynamics of Egypt and the region, please feel free to add them to the list as well - this is certainly not meant to reflect a comprehensive set and additional sources are welcome.