October 22, 2009

careers in international education useful web sites

As a follow-up to the earlier post about the career resource fair, here are a few links that may be useful to anyone interested in pursuing a career in international education.

www.oip.uncc.edu - our office's web page with information about our offices and various programs we administer - just to get a sense of what all goes on in an "international education focused" environment.

www.nafsa.org - the largest international education professional network. This is a great organization to be involved with for networking, understanding current trends and accesibility to resources in the field.

http://www.nafsa.org/career_center/ - the career center on the NAFSA site provides information on the field itself, expectations of professionals in the field, a job registry and useful tools for exploring or advancing your career.

http://www.nafsa.org/_/File/_/InternationalEducator/YourCareerJanFeb.pdf - an article providing an overview of the growing importance of having a masters degree for success in international education. Check page 3 of 8 (or 38 in the document) for a listing on the sidebar of available masters programs.

http://www.ncaie.org/ - a North Carolina professional organization for international education - start local, go global. Check their web site for the International Leadership Conference for students on November 14-15, 2009.

October 21, 2009

how to get the world's best job: Oct. 22

When I graduated with my undergraduate degree I was fairly certain of two things: I wanted a job on a college campus and I wanted a job doing something internationally-related. I pursued a graduate degree, got married, moved to Charlotte and was introduced to the field of international education.

Here was an entire professional trajectory devoted to "international" on "college campuses" (and beyond). So, I pulled together three part-time gigs in the UNC Charlotte vicinity - some teaching, some higher ed administration and some non-profit administration. Eventually it whittled down to full-time non-profit and part-time teaching; then it transitioned to full-time higher ed administration (in international education!) and part-time teaching; now, it's full-time, all out international education through higher ed. It was a process - still is.

So, I figured it out for now. It was perhaps the long approach and not entirely deliberate, but it got me a position in the most exciting office on campus (I'm biased, but that should be obvious)- Office of International Programs -"international" and "campus" requirements fulfilled.

On October 22 from 12-2, there will be a Careers in Student Affairs Resource Fair in the Student Union Multipurpose Room 340 A/D, and international education will be represented. I'll have information available on what you can do now (how to be international at UNC Charlotte), and what to consider when you graduate (graduate degrees and professional affiliations) if you're interested in a career in international education. There is also a panel and reception for students interested in student affairs on October 22 from 6-8 in the Lucas Room of the Cone Center.

This is a great way to get info now so you don't have to be completely surprised by career options - it's worth it.

Rebecca Vincent
Coordinator of International Initiatives

October 18, 2009

International Film Series: How far would you go for a friend?

Getting Home will be screened on Tuesday, October 20 from 3:30-5:30 PM in CHHS 380. Set in China, the film is in Mandarin with English subtitles. The brief film description suggests a comical approach to some universal themes: when Zhao, a middle-aged construction worker, sets off to fulfill his dying co-worker's last wish to be buried in China's Three Gorge's Region, he travels hundreds of miles with a body in tow. Situations that he encounters must be carefully choreographed to explain the presence of a less-than-alert body and he finds colorful characters throughout his journey. Themes of friendship and community emerge for a glimpse of human connectivity in modern China. Dr. Jing Wang will facilitate a brief, post-film discussion.

Here's a look at a trailer in Mandarin (without subtitles).

October 1, 2009

Celebrate United Nations Day

On the official “United Nations Day”, Friday October 23rd 2009, over 300 students spanning the East Coast will come together to experience what it really feels like to be a part of the most prominent international organization, the United Nations.

Dressed up in professional business attire, students from all types of ethnic, economic, and educational backgrounds will have an opportunity to step outside their comfort zone to discuss tough topics in heated debates, such as ethics regarding child soldiers, with the objective of creating a resolution the majority of their committee can agree upon. In stark contrast to the education realm where students form and speak their own personal opinions, they now must act as delegates from an assigned foreign country, and remain in character according to the stances that these diplomats may take.

Think its easy? Try having to represent China in the Human Rights Commission.

By setting aside personal opinion, the students are forced to view global events and circumstances differently, which always causes a bit of unease due to the challenging and controversial topics. After months of research using foreign media outlets, current and past United Nations resolutions, and resources from libraries, students attempt to gain a deeper understanding of how foreign diplomats think. Model United Nations sets to provide an outlet for students to gain a better understanding of the world, without ever having to leave the country!

As we continue to trudge through a troubled economy, many universities have unfortunately dropped Model UN programs from school funding, decreasing opportunities for these individuals to thrive and grow. How can we expect to ensure our brightest students are utilizing the most of their potential when opportunities such as this intellectually stimulating and hands on conference are taken away with schools now unable to afford it?

Here at UNC Charlotte, we believe in opening a window of opportunities to all students who wish to take advantage of it! With the generous funding provided by the University, UNC Charlotte’s Model United Nations team is proud to offer the first ever fee-free conference on the East Coast! We are very honored to be able to present this conference free of cost to talented individuals who want to make a difference in the world.

UNC Charlotte’s Model UN team has been incredibly successful in producing top-talent individuals by offering an environment which encourages creative thinking. After our team hosts the annual Carolina’s Conference, we go onto competing in competitions across the United States and the globe, including the League of Arab States, South Regional, and Harvard World Conference. These conferences also build and strengthen public speaking and networking skills which students take with them throughout their lives. Helping us earn over 100 awards from conferences all over the world, our Model UN alumni have gone on to the U.S. Department of Defense, the Peace Corps, law schools, executive business positions, and more!

Come see on Friday October 23, 2009 why Model United Nations plays such a big role in fostering success in the lives of so many. Join us in celebrating United Nations Day by experiencing this grand international affair!

~Niza Sulahry
Director General
UNC Charlotte MUN