October 22, 2009

careers in international education useful web sites

As a follow-up to the earlier post about the career resource fair, here are a few links that may be useful to anyone interested in pursuing a career in international education.

www.oip.uncc.edu - our office's web page with information about our offices and various programs we administer - just to get a sense of what all goes on in an "international education focused" environment.

www.nafsa.org - the largest international education professional network. This is a great organization to be involved with for networking, understanding current trends and accesibility to resources in the field.

http://www.nafsa.org/career_center/ - the career center on the NAFSA site provides information on the field itself, expectations of professionals in the field, a job registry and useful tools for exploring or advancing your career.

http://www.nafsa.org/_/File/_/InternationalEducator/YourCareerJanFeb.pdf - an article providing an overview of the growing importance of having a masters degree for success in international education. Check page 3 of 8 (or 38 in the document) for a listing on the sidebar of available masters programs.

http://www.ncaie.org/ - a North Carolina professional organization for international education - start local, go global. Check their web site for the International Leadership Conference for students on November 14-15, 2009.

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