April 8, 2010

Pics & Links: Fox News Rising & Study Abroad

Just so you have proof that there were, in fact, people awake at 5 AM at UNC Charlotte yesterday, here are some pics from our Fox News Rising adventure before the Study Abroad Fair.

We were told that snippets of the show would be available online at some point so check back regularly to Wilson's World to see a bit of the excitement and possibly some student interviews!

The early morning crowd!

The debut of the NINER interNATIONal t-shirt
modeled by leaders of the Education Abroad Association
The blur is meant to demonstrate how the world looks behind
the haze of "waking up" before the sun....
...or it's just camera-user-error.
Still, great support from the students - thanks for coming out!
Interview with Rebecca Hallatschek
Your illustrious Education Abroad staff - kudos on a job well done!

More photos are available on our Facebook page - "UNC Charlotte - International Programs"


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