May 27, 2010

Summer Travel Resource

Next week a contingent from the Office of International Programs at UNC Charlotte will head to Kansas City, Missouri for what I believe is the largest group of international educators in one place at any one time - thousands of people from around the world who work to send students abroad, welcome students from abroad and provide opportunities for everyone in between to engage the world with an international perspective will convene in the middle of the United States for a week of sessions, networking and exploring a city very few of us have been to.

Learning how to travel well requires a lot of trial and error along with a significant dose of advice. Helpful colleagues are one source; another favorite is a blog from The Economist. Granted, it is more for the business traveler, but the occasional updates on airline quality, airport shenanigans, travel advice and other miscellaneous information keep everything in perspective.

So, whether you're traveling abroad this summer for credit (have we pushed that enough yet, get in to the office and set up an information session), getting ready to attend school in another country for a semester, year or full degree, traveling for business or pleasure, or just stuck in an airport or train terminal for an indefinite amount of time, check out Gulliver.

Bon voyage!

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