December 22, 2010

Prince William's Engagement

The news of this royal engagements are all over headlines everywhere! Prince William, son of the late Princess Dianna, proposed to Kate Middleton last month in Kenya. These two have a long running history of an "On again off again relationship" that always proved that no matter what they retreated back to one another. No matter the distance Kate and Prince William kept their personal squabbles to themselves and were loyal to their relationship.
This royal relationship has come as an utter surprise to everyone other that their immediate families as Prince William asked her parents for her hand in marriage. This 9 year relationship has finally reached the ultimate commitment, as their wedding is scheduled to take place late summer 2011.Queen Elizabeth, Prince William's grandmother is estatic about the engagement and is very proud that Prince William will be marrying Kate. She thinks she is a lovely girl, as the rest of his family adorea her.
Their relationship started as a genuine friendship 10 years ago as they were in college together in Scotland. They held a press interview just to
shed a little light on their recent engagement and express how happy they were this time has finally arrived. Prince William proposed to Kate with his mothers engagement ring. This is extremely sentimental as Princess Dianna expressed that she would love for him to give it to his fiance' if she would accept it. Kate graciously accepted and the two are pleasantly planning for the ceremony!
This will be an event to remember and already scheduled guests are: Elton John, a close friend of Princess Dianna's who is said to perform, The Obama's, and Sean Combs to mention a few.

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