February 19, 2010

International Film Series: What would you do at 10-years old if you knew what you do today?

Do you remember what it was like to watch the interactions of the adult world as a child? Life on a much grander scale but with a simpler understanding. In the film, Mutum, Thiago sees the world with curiosity and wonder, despite the difficult realities of his family. Living in rural Brazil on a struggling farm, he sees a world colored by his parent’s unhappy marriage and his father’s abuse. Despite this context, he continues to try to understand the world of the adults in his life – his mother, father, uncle and grandmother – until an event one day forces all the complexities to the forefront. He and his brother Felipe attempt to reconcile the kindness of their grandmother and the harshness of their father in the adult world that is not yet their own.

Consider who you were and where you were when you were 10 years old. Knowing what you do now, how would you have acted differently? As an adult looking back, what do you miss about your 10-year-old self? What are you glad has changed?

Faculty, staff and students are welcome to the screening of the first film in the Spring 2010 line-up for the International Film Series. Mutum will be shown on February 25, 2010 from 4:00-6:00 PM in CHHS 281. A post-film discussion will be facilitated by Ms. Xanda Lemos, a graduate student in the Latin American Studies Program and lecturer of Portuguese.

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