February 24, 2010

Websites of Interest

www.newseum.org - one of the best museums in DC! Get a glimpse of what the newspapers around the world are saying and see the startingly sparse distribution of free press around the world. It also has one of the best, unobstructed views of the Capitol (if you visit the actual location).

www.theunexpected.co.za/ - from The Economist, this site is a unique look at Johannesburg, South Africa. From the eyes of ten contributors comes a peek into life in this vibrant city from the perspective of an artist, ecologist, environmentalist, satirist, futurist, idealist, optimist, philanthropist, scientist and urbanist.

www.vbs.tv - check out some alternative approaches to covering stories, places and events - including a rare look into North Korea.

It wouldn't be right if there weren't also a few links of interest about global UNC Charlotte. Here's how to jump into a real international experience while in college:

http://oip.uncc.edu - this is our office's main page and if you look through the links you'll see a host of programs available to the campus community to engage with a global perspective. Coming up next is our 5th annual International Women's Day Celebration! The International Festival is the longest-running tradition at UNC Charlotte and will be held on September 25 so mark your calendars, now.

http://www.edabroad.uncc.edu - visit this site for information on how you can spend part of your UNC Charlotte experience in another country.

And check back here regularly - we'll be posting stories, advice and experiences from students at UNC Charlotte about their global experience.

Where else do you go for international news, commentary, tips or advice?

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