August 18, 2010

All Things International at Atkins

Welcome to UNC Charlotte! You are about to be inundated with information relating to campus activities, class schedules, extra-curricular opportunities, parking and anything else you can imagine. Here's one more resource you should be aware of - particularly if you have any inclination to anything international in your studies.

In Atkins library, if you need anything related to "international", there is one person you must know: Librarian Frada Mozenter. Whether you’re an international student at UNC Charlotte or conducting research on an internationally-themed paper, Frada is the person to get you the information you need.

Frada has been the reference contact for the social sciences for twenty-nine years and knows the system, resources, tips, tricks and search criteria inside and out. She can pull books, current newspapers, articles from around the world and peer reviewed journals at the click of a button. You may know a few choice words to search, Frada knows more. And she knows how to maximize searching for the most answers. When NI met with Frada, she had just finished pulling up over 600 references for a faculty research project.

She’s not just a resource for enhancing papers. Frada knows the library from the inside and has been appointed to represent Atkins to international students and faculty as the Library Liaison to International Students. Beyond assisting with search criteria and presentation guidelines, she gives tours and instructional presentations so that students become more familiar with what to expect when using the library and so they know how many options really are available.

As Atkins continues to grow and respond to the many needs of the UNC Charlotte community, it’s incredibly useful to have an inside person who can communicate the changes or just answer questions. Which areas are quiet zones? Where can I access the internet? Where do I find “Journal Name”? How do I access information on “X” country? Where do I find analyses of “X” world event? Frada Mozenter is that person.

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