August 19, 2010

International Students Reflect on Time at UNC Charlotte

For the second year in a row, the office of Intercultural Outreach Programs, housed in the Office of International Programs, has hosted a group of 30 Fulbright graduate students for a three-week introductory course to American graduate studies. This year, students came from Chile, Mauritania, Czech Republic, Sierra Leone, Cambodia, Iraq and dozens of other countries. The three-week program is designed to prepare them for what to expect when they continue on their journey to another U.S. institution for their graduate studies. In the process of learning the ins-and-outs of available campus resources, teaching styles and communication tips, they got a pretty good sense of UNC Charlotte. And, they were impressed!

So, kudos to the students, faculty and staff who directly participated in welcoming these students to the U.S. and working with them for the next step in their journey. And thanks to those who indirectly participated by creating a welcoming atmosphere and environment for our international guests. It's great to be part of 'Niner International.

Best of luck to these students - thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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