November 9, 2010

The Haiti Relief Project

As we seek to engage more in the Charlotte community, we hope to shed light on the different efforts of various community projects, even events hosted by collegiates in the area focusing on international awareness and involement. Johnson C. Smith University hosted a Haiti Relief Project on Saturday at their University in efforts to keep the support rolling for detrimental earthquake affecting Haiti, and to appreciate the Haitian culture. The Haiti Relief Project seems to be a big project at their institution. I was pleased to experience the program, for it was organized with great detail and executed nearly perfectly.

The program lasted about two hours and was jammed pack with fun, music, and information regarding Haiti and their culture. It seems as if they tried to bring haiti to us - which was phenomenal, if I must say so myself. After the benefit concert, I spoke with their program coordinator who expressed his utmost satisfaction with the results. He says - "this has taken a lot of planning, organizing, time and dedication on our part, and to see it blossom to such a success makes it all worth it!"  I proceed to ask him what their plans were for the continued support for relief in Haiti, his response was so gratifying - "We can only do our bests, our main goal is to keep people interested, informed, and willing to help. We live in a country where we have so many things afforded to us. The least we can do is lend a helping hand".

Going out into the campus community and the greater Charlotte community is a major goal I have as an intern for the next few months. I love the fact that our communities are taking such interest in international cultures and perspectives. Stay tuned weekly for forth coming blogs!

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