November 29, 2010

It's all Positive

As I searched for an article to feature on this week's blog, I noticed that every article I found highlighted death, terror, war, negativity and insults. I could not simply submit a google search to find anything positive to receive "International News". I entered those two words and was subsequently bombarded with nonsense and sadness. I then re-entered my search to say, "Positive International News". The results were slim; however, my findings were very gratifying.
I came across the website . This website brought a huge smile to my face to say the least. I have gone through and read multiple articles and I can't chose one over the other to highlight. Therefore, I chose to highlight the entire website. This site was designed to show the different positive things going on worldwide. There are many different aspects covered in every nation. Two articles I will say that were very nice reads are: "Tom's Pipe Dream Becomes a Reality" and "Annie Lennox Woman of the Year Award". So feel free, browse the site, and check it out!

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