September 24, 2009

launching an international film series: Sept. 29

The mumblings have started - something about a film series, something international, remote locations, SUBTITLES! All true. The Office of International Programs, along with the Global Film Initiative, are in fact bringing an International Film Series to UNC Charlotte for the 2009-2010 year. And it starts on Tuesday, September 29 at 3:30 PM with Song from the Southern Seas.

According to the Global Film Initiative, Song from the Southern Seas is about two couples, one Russian and one Kazakh, who have been relatively peaceful neighbors for fifteen years. When the fair-skinned Russians give birth to a boy of decidedly darker skin, hidden suspicions erupt and is only resolved by an ironic twist of family and fate.

Director Marat Sarulu explains further, "During the first immigration wave of Kazakh and Central Asian Russians. Many left the region,which created a severe disconnection from a whole culture based upon neighbourhood ties,integration and traditions that had been manifested over centuries. Many fell sick and died during the first years of their immigration. Young people, more resilient, had the chance to survive.Every now and then some would go back home, unable to cope with the different customs,lifestyle, climate of their new land in which they terribly missed their home and their usual circle of friends....I believe that the ideas and the problems mentioned in the script stand out in an even sharper way upon this background of angst. Men all belong to the same race, to the same family, and this is the outcome of my characters’ personal quest.”

The screening is open. Join us for Please direct questions to

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  1. This sounds very interesting! I am looking forward to seeing what the other films in the series are.