September 11, 2009

Study Abroad Fair to South Africa

Studying abroad has given me a new perspective and fresh look at what I want to do after college. Stellenbosch is such a beautiful place; nestled between the wine-lands of the western Cape Province its people and nature alike have been quite welcoming. Cape Town is a huge city; funny how I did not anticipate CT having rush hour traffic - it gets really heavy yet it lightens up when taking a look at Table Mountain. Interesting how my study experience started by simply going to the study abroad fair a couple years back.

I’ve been here for a little over two months now and still can't believe I’m in such a beautiful place. This thought hits me predominantly when I’m driving to and from Cape Town the scenery is breath taking and the mountains which serve as a backdrop to the wineries are so majestic.

There is a plethora of activities around Stellenbosch, there’s always something to do. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, like to surf, or you just simply enjoy taking in new cultural experience then Stellenbosch will be right up your ally. Being that this is wine country the main road leading to this quaint town is lined up with wineries galore. Also Cape Town is just an hour away, there you will be able to discover a rich tapestry of cultures that have been woven for hundreds of years now.

~Juan Galvez from Stellenbosch, South Africa.

To start your own discovery of the world, stop by the Study Abroad Fair on Tuesday, September 15 from 10:00-2:30 around the Belk Tower. There are plenty of options,destinations and funding opportunities!

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