September 1, 2009

Wine to Water: September 10

In January 2004, Doc Hendley decided it was time to do something about the water crisis facing numerous regions of the world - over 1 billion people today do not have adequate water and sanitation. Taking his bartending skills to local communities, he hosted wine tastings to raise awareness and funds. By August of 2004, Hendley had moved to Darfur, Sudan to install water systems for victims of the genocide. When he returned in 2005 his commitment to providing clean water to remote areas of the world had been solidified.

To date, Wine to Water, a 501(c)3 organization, has worked in Sudan, Uganda, India and Cambodia. Using funds raised through wine tasting events, Wine to Water creates sustainable solutions to the water issues of communities around the world. Hendley's work has been recognized on CNN's Heroes . Check out the video on the Wine to Water webpage for a glimpse of the project in Cambodia.

On Thursday, September 10, Hendley will be sharing his work and international projects with UNC Charlotte at 3:30 PM in Room 380 of the College of Health and Human Services Building. Join us for a presentation on an innovative approach to one of our world's most challenging issues.

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